• Canadian Collegiate Bass Anglers 2013 CIRCUT

    In 2013 the CCBA will be adding two new events to the Canadian Collegiate Bass schedule. Points accumulated from both CCBA Qualifiers and any two CBAF events will determine blast off order for the CCBA Championship Event. The points from the CCBA season get added to the Championship Event points to determine the four angler team (two boaters and two non boaters) who will represent Canada in the BoatUS Collegiate Bass Fishing Championship.

    Qualifier #1 - Lake Couchiching
    Dete Saturday July 13th 2013
    Tournament Water Lake Couchiching only, can not pass the HWY 12 bridge
    Launch -Couchiching Beach Park
    Format Team, 5 fish limit
    Time 7am 3pm

    Qualifier #2 Balsam Lake
    Date- August 3
    Launch TBD
    Format Team, 5 fish limit
    Time 7am 3pm

    Date Sunday, August 18th 2013
    Tournament Water Georgian Bay
    Launch - Bayport Yachting Club
    Format - Individual, 3 Fish Limit
    Time 7am 3pm

    For more information go to http://www.canadiancollegiatebass.com/events/