• Angler New Angler

    Angler New Angler
    Brought to you by: Durham Anglers Association
    In support of Dave Mercer’s Casting For a Cure

    On January 23, 2013, the Competitive Sport Fishing League announced that an event with an unique format to bring new blood to the sport would soon be unveiled.

    March 26, 2013, Stouffville Ontario. The CSFL announced today that with the support and backing of the newly formed Durham Anglers Association they are pleased to unveil the first Angler New Angler event which will take place on Lake Scugog out of Goreski’s Lakeside Resort, Port Perry on June 16th, 2013.

    Andrew Pallotta of the CSFL commented “When Dan Risorto and Kris Totosko first came to me and asked if we would support the Durham Anglers Association, I confirmed that the CSFL supports all clubs that respect, protect and uphold the integrity of the sport.” Andrew went on to say “Dan and Kris were very adamant in doing something different and like other groups the ultimate goal is to bring new anglers to the sport. It was then that it came to me, the only way to ensure new anglers is by running an event for new anglers. With a combined effort of a tournament organizer, a tournament angler and someone new to the sport, I felt very optimistic that we could run a joint tournament that would bring new blood to competitive sport fishing.” Kris Totosko, who is relatively new to the competitive scene, brought much needed insight of the challenges that new anglers are faced with from pre-fishing to the weigh-in. Kris stated “All tournament guys start somewhere, some take a little longer than others but with the right guidance through organizations like the CSFL and organizations like ourselves we can only hope to make it easier to find their way.” Dan Risorto of the D.A.A. added “First off I want to thank the CSFL for partnering up with us and in helping us design and establish this annual event as I am very excited about this new concept and truly appreciate all those involved.” Dan goes on to say. “I have such a good vibe about this event, in fact right from its conception, it has been nothing short of spectacular. This is an event that is open to all and I feel you should not miss.”

    Vita Pallotta commented “Like Dan, I too am very excited about the event, I particularly like the added fundraising twists making it fun for the anglers and at the same time raising money for a very worthy cause.”

    The CSFL’s Angler New Angler is a 100% payback event for the anglers with $3,000.00 first place guaranteed by the Durham Anglers Association and an opportunity to raise over $10,000.00 in charitable donations, 50% of which going to Dave Mercer’s Casting For A Cure in support of the Canadian Cancer Society and 50% going to the winning sponsor’s choice of charity.

    Angler Entry: $200.00 tax included

    1st. $3,000.00 Guaranteed by D.A.A.
    2nd $1,500.00
    3rd $750.00
    4th $500.00
    5th $400.00
    6th $300.00
    7th $275.00
    8th $250.00
    9th $225.00
    10th $200.00
    OABF $200.00
    100% Payback in Cash, Prizes & Vouchers

    Fundraisers with all proceeds directed to the Cancer Research Society

    Silent Auction will take place during the weigh in

    50/50 LM / SM Lunker:
    $20.00 per Team

    50/50 Hidden Weight: All weights will be put in a hat and drawn at the end of the day.
    $20.00 per Team

    7 Cards 50/50: Teams can purchase 2 cards in the morning and will receive an additional 1 card for every fish weighed in at the end of the day best 5 cards wins. A wildcard will be drawn from a deck at the end of the day that you must pay for prior to draw, a matching card in your hand would also become a wild card.
    Cost $20.00 for 2 cards in the morning and an additional $15.00 for the wild card
    $35.00 per Team

    50/50 Shimano Skills Competition: Men’s & Lady’s Longest cast , most accurate longest cast – closest to the hole – 5 pitch target
    $25.00 per Angler

    Event Hours:
    Blast off at 7am with a recorded confidential weigh in at 12pm
    Shimano Skills Competition 12pm to 1pm
    Reception and weigh in play-back at 1:00pm awards at 2pm

    Each team will consist of 2 anglers, of which at least one of the anglers must never have competed in an event organized by a “for profit” organization in North America. All applicable CSFL rules for team concept events will apply.

    Pre Fishing Rule: Water is open for navigational purposes only prior to event. No tackle allowed on the deck of the boat from one half-hour after sunset on Sunday, June 9 to one half-hour before sunrise on Saturday, June 15, 2013. Official pre-fish begins one half-hour before sunrise on Saturday, June 15 and ends that day at 5 pm.

    Pass your passion on by introducing a New Anglers to the sport.

    If you have any questions about this event please contact Andrew Pallotta of the CSFL at E. andrew@csfl.ca T. 905-640-2277 or C. 416-802-2277.