• Rondeau Bay Spring Multi Species Tournament

    Rondeau Bay Spring Multi Species Challenge


    Date: Saturday May 11
    Location: Brock Street Dock Shrewsbury
    Registration: 6:00 am - 7:00 am
    Tournament Hours: 7:00 am - 7:00 pm
    Entry Fee: $20 / Entry (1 Person per Entry Teams Not Permitted)

    100% Payback + Bonus Prizes


    1- Eligible Species
    - Perch, Crappie, Rock Bass, Bluegill, Sunfish, Pumpkinseed, Silver Bass, White Perch, Catfish & Pike

    2- Catch Limits
    - Limit of 15 Fish total in any per Entry
    - Limit of 3 (in any combination) Pike or Catfish per 15 Fish Limit
    - A Fish can only be weighed in for either Prize Pool A or Pool B but not both.

    3- Eligible Waters
    - Anglers may Fish Rondeau Bay and Tributaries only
    - Cutoff to the Lake is at the Southern Tip of Government Pier in the Channel

    4- Fishing Regulations
    - Ontario Fishing Regulations must be observed.

    5- Catch & Release
    - Larger Fish weighing 4 lbs or more must be weighed in Alive to be Released after Weigh-In

    6- Weigh-In Procedures
    - It will be the responsibility of each participant to Present and Request which specific Fish they want Weighed for each Prize Pool or Bonus Prize category.
    - Entries are only allowed to Present the Fish you want to Weigh-in once. After that you will not be eligible to Weigh-in again.
    - If you do not request certain fish to be weighed for a particular Pool or Bonus, we will not select and weigh them for you. No exceptions!


    - 1 LB Penalty per Minute Late for Weigh-in

    Ineligible & Dead Game Fish
    - Ineligible (species) Fish will not be weighed.
    - Dead Game Fish (4lbs or more) will receive a 1LB Penalty and will not be eligible to Win Pool B. This does not apply to Pan Fish but Live Catch and Release is encouraged for all participants.

    Any Other Infractions
    - Disqualification of Entry

    Prize Structure

    Prize Structure is based on 15 entries or less. If we get more than 15 the percentages for Both Pool A & B will vary as there will be additional Pay Spots added.

    Main Pot
    - Pool A: 50% of Pot Paid to Heaviest Combined Total Catch
    - Pool B: 50% of Pot Paid to Single Largest Eligible Fish Weighed

    Bonus Prizes
    - Bonus 1: Heaviest Perch or Crappie (if not already Overall Big Fish)
    - Bonus 2: Heaviest Pike (if not already Overall Big Fish)
    - Bonus 3: Most Diverse 10 out of 15 Fish Limit. Only 1 fish per species can be weighed for this category.

    *Please Note*
    For Bonus Prize 3: If more than one Entry weighs in an equal number of different species the winner will be determined by the total weight of the (up to 10 different) fish that they present to be weighed. Please note, these fish must be a part of your overall 15 fish limit for the main Prize Pool A, so substitutions will be allowed.

    Please contact me for details: