• Comfortroll, Recessed Trolling Motor Pedal Install

    Installed the Comfortroll today got some nice weather and said why not Well here's how it went on my 1992 Nitro 190dc
    Let me know what you think

    1) Make yourself a better template than the paper one they give you

    2) Look under your deck if you can i could and i was all clear

    3) Measure over and over and over to really know where you want it because once you cut you can't go back Then remove carpet in your template

    4) Get a cut out tool like this one and the proper blades trust me when i say this tool is a time saver

    5) Take a deep breath and start to cut Take your time it's not a race i did it in 3 passes taking1/3 at a time

    6) Seal the raw edges with some of this stuff

    7) Done screws in and good to go Now we just need some soft water