• 2013 OBN Qualifier Pairings Board

    Hello Members and Friends of the Ontario BASS Nation!

    There has been some confusion about clubs sending in their entries for the early bird draw... How to send them in, where to send them, and how to get even numbers. We are hoping this post will assist you in getting your information to us.

    Firstly, the OBN will only accept even numbers (boaters/non-boaters). This is to keep all the numbers even, which will give every angler equal opportunity to fish the event. With this post started, you can post here if you need additional boaters or non-boaters to even up your numbers.
    Also, when you make contact with another club who has extra anglers, we suggest you work with that club to get all those entries together in one envelope to send to the OBN. Have that second club submit a cheque with the forms they are sending you, made out to the OBN. Then put yours and theirs in another envelope and send the entire package to the OBN.

    The address to mail all entries to is:

    Ontario BASS Nation
    60 Donald Street
    Kitchener, ON

    On another note, you do NOT have to send in your full allotment before the early bird draw (May 31st, 2013). For example, your club allotment is 10, but you only have 6 signed up right now, (3 and 3). Send in your 6 today, to get them on the list. For another example, allotment is 10, and you have 7 signed up, (4 and 3). Post here that you are looking for another non-boater, and when someone replies to you, make arrangements with that club for their entry form for a non-boater, and a cheque made out to the OBN, then send in your seven and one.

    The last day to accept any and all entries for this year's OBN Provincial Qualifier is Friday, August 9, 2013. As long as the entries are postmarked by this date, and the tournament is not full, the OBN will accept entries up to this date.

    Thank you all for your attention to this matter, and we hope to see you all in Trenton West in August!

    Ontario BASS Nation.