• Shot Gun Bass Fishing Tournaments

    This will be a standard format one day bass tournament with the usual standard rules. (Make sure you read ours.)

    We will require all Bass anglers who wish to fish our series to Register with us and pre-pay tournament fees on line.

    It is important to run our small Bass tournaments this way, to cut down costs and prep time.

    Cost of Tournaments:
    Team Cost $100 per tournament “ON LINE” signed up, $110 at the event/team.

    Our Shot Gun tournaments are designed to be Quick, Efficient, Simple and above all FUN.

    • NO speeches,
    • NO delays,
    • NO club rules,
    • NO organizational rhetoric,
    • NO stages or flags. .
    • No bull

    It’s Simple:

    • Sign up..…
    • pay your fees..…
    • show up at the Tournament…….
    • Fish…….
    • Weigh-in (1/2 Hr)…….
    • Get paid & then go home.

    When and Where

    Dates Locations Blast-Off Weigh-In

    • July 10 Lake Simcoe 3:00Pm 8:30Pm
    • July 23 Gloucester Pool 7:30am 3:00Pm
    • Aug 7 Sturgeon Lake 7:30am 3:00Pm
    • Aug 20 Lake St. John 7:30am 3:00Pm

    This is a great NEW Bass Fishing series with a great new format…..

    Come have a fun day on the water whether you’re a seasoned pro or a new amateur wishing to get tournament experience.

    We will also be setting a place on our web site for anglers [Boaters & Non Boaters] to place their name on a list for partnering.

    Should a boater or non boater be looking for a partner they can check on this page for other anglers to fish with.

    CHECK US OUT AT www.lake-simcoe.ca Any questions you can call Rocky Madsen direct at 905 722-5425