• Welcome Class of 2014

    On behalf of the recreational anglers of Ontario, the tournament community, members of lakesimcoemessageboard.com and bigfatbass.com welcome class of 2014. It's been a very tough winter and you guys are very late so if you want to survive the next winter here is some words of advice.

    When you leave the bed break off in small groups or bait balls. Your much less attractive in small groups. There's is no safety in numbers here.

    Stay away from the bottom until you get a little bigger. Those gobies are getting big so they can eat bigger meals.

    Go to deep water as soon as you can. The rest of the bass seem to be there and nobody can find them so maybe it will work for you.

    Perch, sunfish, bluegill, and other pan fish are your enemy not your community.

    When you get bigger don't be a snob like all the other bass have become. There's nothing wrong with a trip in a livewell and getting your picture taken.

    When you get big enough and feel like spawning call Bubbles. She will show you the ropes.