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    First Day Entries

    Vita told me that the phone started ringing at 7:00am yesterday for people entering the event.
    There is 32 pros registered and 23 non boaters!!!

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    Great to see people supporting this event. Make that 24 am's I just signed up today!

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    Hey Bob,

    Make that 33 Boaters as i just signed up. It is going to be one of the biggest events ever held in Canada. I can hardly wait. They are filling fast and strongly recommend you sign up quickly before its do not want to miss this event!


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    I signed up yesterday and Andy told me I was number 40. Lots of familiar names on the list already.


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    I just signed up...its hit 50!...I'm in! ...damn I like making plans for July in November........Hotel is booked! bring on the summer! I need to find away to lighten my tourney load by 50lbs to go faster....mmmm...let me think...lolol

    Peace Out


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    Vita has advised that there are only 11 pro spots

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    Just talk to Andy, Im in but there is only 4 spots left so mauch sure you hurray!

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    All spots are gone and there is now a waiting list.

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    Wow, has this ever happened before? Full in 2 1/2 days.....

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    WOW!! Awesome!! Less then 3 days!

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    Are the Non Boater spots all gone too?

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    There is spots available for AMs

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    Easy to put my money in when you have some great people and companies involved

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    Thats awesome, way to get behind it guys!!!

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