Below are the full results from the May 26, 2013 walleye event out of Belleville, ON. Congrats to the winners ; and a big thank you to everyone.

As a reminder, the next event is on June 16th and is largemouth only. See links below for details.

(name,name, weight, big fish)
Ben Asselstine Darcy Asselstine18.35 6.9
Jeff Chesholm Scot Walcot 16.96
Jacque Patry Wes Bristo 16.02 5.58
Grant Elliott Karl Newmayer 15.32
D.Thibeault Kevin Truelove 14.14
Dean Thompson Bart Thompson 13.56
Jamie Coe Jamie Fudge 13.38
Kevin Wren Kevin Laviers 13.15 5.42
Rob Kennedy Marc Potvin 13.02
Bob Green Ken Claus 12.87
Mike Lukashal Cory Kinmond 12.44
Chris Frazee Peter McInroy 11.96
Matt Seely Steve Yarrow 11.72
Randy Scero Al Vivian 11.42
Sheldon Yuke Jason Seamark 10.98
Jeff Macdonald Mike Macdonald 10.79
Nick Monger Bryan McCaw 10.55
Tom Streeks Glen Hales 8.89
Art McConnell Rob Couch 8.5 5.17
Jamie Irwin Kevin Dory 8.26 4.84
Ed Bunnett Dan Elliot 7.60
Carl Chesterson Keith Chesterson5.85
Bill Tripp Tyler Bridges 5.72
Chris Hoover James Martin 5.07
Tyler Phillips Cody Quin 5.05
Rick Weagant Gene Hill 4.66
Shawn Wright Wayne Ketcherson3.38
R.Cronkwright Phil Defosse 3.22
Bob Mackie Roy Newland 2.54
Rick Bowen Rob Bowen 1.86
Ron Ellery Troy Davis 0
Larry Courtice Ryan Somerville 0
Domenic Martino Scott Busnell 0.00
Shane Wilson CoryBrooks 0
Markus Bardy Cody Maracle 0.00
Paul McTaggart Dave Laffenier 0