TBBA Tri-Bay Bass Association

The 3rd qualifier was another successful tournament. The weather was beautiful and some amazing weights came in.
A BIG thank you to all the anglers who participated. We had 80 teams.
The top 35 teams plus the classic winners will be going to the Classic Aug 26-27. See the next post for that info.

Thanks to our volunteers who help make this day a success.
Kayla and Mike Franklin
Lisa and Scott Walker
Wendy and Chris Corbett
Madison Haines (Rose Strom granddaughter)

Thanks to all our sponsors:
Carstar London
Minn Kota
Extremem Marine
Angling Outfitters
A&H Drywall
Victory Ford
Trickets Tillsonburg
5/0 Sports
Lambeth Rod and Tackle
Gordons Carpet Cleaning
Proctors Marine
Southern Ontario Sportsman Warehouse
Bass Xposed Jamie Edwards
Johnson Outdoors

Jamie Edward for taking amazing pictures. If you are looking for photos to be done he is the guy. He does weddings and fishing profiles. You can contact him on Facebook or Instagram at Bass Xposed

Thanks to Gordon Findlay for sponsoring Bizbio Inc to come shoot our event yesterday. Watch for this to be posted on our website soon.


1 Mike Krakana and Tom Dean 25.65
2 John Kopcok and Derrick Soulliere 24.15
3 Craig Carey and Mark Bethune 21.75
4 Shaun Timbeck and Ken Tiffin 21.02
5 Jeff Gibson and Marty Hottot 20.14
6 Chris Sherman and Rick James 20.12
7 Aaron Hathaway and Rick Damphouse 19.76
8 Jeremy Gallant and Clayton Spencer 19.58
9 Kelly Garcia and Martellous Johnson 19.48
10 Jason Hopper and Tyler Hopper 19.44
11 Paul Bryn and Ken Robinson 19.12
12 Mark Thompson and Lynda Slater 19.02
13 Brad DeHaan and Jeff Beacham 18.97
14 TJ McLarty and Ryan Gold 18.95 BIG FISH 5.59
15 Greg Franklin and Tanya Franklin 18.6
16 Grant Weber and Adam Klein-Horseman 18.48
17 Jay Baker and Don Leader 18.25
18 Cole Bailey and Sam Rankin 18.01
19 Martin Grim and Shawn Grim 18
19 Jim Lukas and Kurt Davidson 18.00
21 George Wiliams and Don Wilson 17.91
22 John Bishop and Mike Lambrech 17.87
23 Eric Hodgins and Mark Piche 17.53
24 Mike Emerich and Chris Lebel 17.46
25 Raymond St John and Aaron Parr 17.16
26 Joslyn Leung and Wayne Izumi 17.11
27 Kevin Broadwood and Curtis McFadden 17.08
28 Jason Paolasini and Perry Poirier 16.86
29 Matt Merla and Silvio Rea 16.72
30 Tom Boyd and Bill Walker 16.63
31 Mike Franklin and Chris Corbett 16.62
31 Gordon Findlay and Deryck Thompson 16.62
33 Mike Craftchick and Chris Jarrett 16.52
34 Chris Sauve and Andrew Myers 16.51
35 Dan Mason and Caleb Mason 16.42
36 Dean Donovan and Tonk King 16.18
37 John Gratton and Chris Latty 15.95
37 Rick Baillargeon and Roger Baillargeon 15.95
39 Aric Stoner and John Kolmar 15.6
40 Brady McBride and Elliot Lewis 15.58
41 Gary Cowan and Todd Strom 15.43
42 Larry Porter and Steve Voros 15.21
42 Steve Churman and Rob Lebel 15.21
44 Bob Zruna and Pam Zruna 15.20
45 Martin Szomolanyi and Darryl Whaley 14.86
46 Andrew Lirette and Aidan Lirette 14.62
47 Chris Park and Jesse Rowe 14.16
48 Kevin and Cindy Taylor 13.92
49 John Mallett and Matt Carey 13.67
50 Jamie Edwards and Shannon Edwards 13.66
51 Brett Funston and Chad Funston 13.49
52 Ryan Meesters and Joshua Meesters 13.11
53 John McGuigan and Colin Stass 12.29
54 Mike Flay and Dan Flay 11.84
55 Alan Dean and Barry Lidster 11.71
56 Ken Farrow and Devon Farrow 11.34
57 Rodney Harrison and Ron Harrison 11.19
58 Kyle Lemon and Joanna D'Amico 11.12
59 Gary Mantil and Richard Lamframboise 11.07
60 TJ Raytrowsky and Alicia Rapytrowsky 9.48
61 Rob Matthews and Danny Detweiler 8.35
62 Nathan Oxenburg and John McMahon 3.41

Cindy & Dean Franklin