• Meet Max and Bubbles - Ritual of the Spawn

    Meet Max and Bubbles. Max is a local spring contractor and builds a house every spring. He's quite meticulous and likes to keep a clean house. His girl friend Bubbles is a local floozy who has been with many other males. She is a big girl and you can see the attraction with those black eyes and designer stripes. They have an open relationship and Max is no angel getting together with a different mate every year. Bubbles has been known to service several guys in a day!

    Max is late getting started this year with the terrible spring and delay in building permits. But now they are new to the neighborhood and the only couple on the block. Bubbles has a bad reputation for mating and leaving and Max will surely get stuck taking care of the kids until they are old enough to leave the nest.

    Wanted - one female smallmouth - likes to have fun and raise a family or at least be a surrogate.

    Anyone see bubbles?

    I have got to get some sleep, my eyes are killing me

    Wait till you see the video

    For a long time researchers thought that the male went and made the bed then the female would come when the conditions were right, typically on a full moon cycle. But now we have learned that there is other forms of communication going on down there.